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The new FrischSchoggi  varieties are available in five different flavours. They range from fruity-fresh with white chocolate and raspberry pieces to crunchy-fine hazelnut gianduja with cocoa granules coated in dark chocolate, to traditional milk chocolate with marzipan or a pistachio filling. If you want to try them all, this pouch of chocolate shards offers you the ideal sample pack for large appetites. It also makes the perfect gift. Our Läderach FrischSchoggi  is made in Switzerland with love and the very freshest and finest ingredients. Our chocolate is best enjoyed fresh within two to three weeks, when the flavours are at their best. (500 g)
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Ingredients Information

Assorted decorated chocolats.

Cocoa: Chocolate mix (36% milk, 56% dark) / 36% (white) / 36% (milk) / 56% (dark) at least.

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa paste, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, skimmed milk powder, whole milk, maple syrup, butter (milk), invert sugar syrup, Raw sugar, maltodextrin, emulsifier (soya lecithin), raspberry concentrate, yoghurt powder (milk), dextrose, whey, natural flavour, cocoa powder, glucose, acidifier (E296, E330), natural flavouring substances, humectant (E1103), salt (fleur de sel), salt, flavouring, colouring (E100).

May contain egg, other gluten (incl. wheat), other nuts.

Nutritional Information

Food value per 100g , fat 36.7g , carbohydrates 50.2g , protein 7.4g , salt 0.2g , of which sugar 47.3g , of which saturated fat 18.8g , energy in kJ 2351kJ , energy in kcal 562kcal

Country of production

Produced in Switzerland

More Information
Flavour & Ingredients Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate, Nuts, Grand Cru
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