Santa Claus Milk 14cm

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Santa Claus Milk 14cm

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Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa paste, lactose, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin), natural flavour, natural flavouring substances.

May contain egg, other gluten (incl. wheat), other nuts.

Nutrition facts

Food value per 100g:
  • fat 39.5g
  • carbohydrates 50.5g
  • protein 6.6g
  • energy in kcal 582.0kcal
  • of which sugar 49.7g
  • energy in kJ 2,437.0kJ
  • salt 0.2g
  • of which saturated fat 24.0g

Production country

Produced in Switzerland

Santa Claus Milk 14cm
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A multisensory delight

A gourmet's guide to chocolate tasting

Experience the texture

High-quality chocolate has a silky matte gloss and velvety texture. The ideal temperature to enjoy it is 18 degrees Celsius, similarly to fine wine.

Smell the aromas

Expertly crafted chocolate has an incredibly complex bouquet. What do you smell? Roasted cocoa, caramel or notes of vanilla?

Hear the freshness

Perfectly tempered chocolate has a clearly audible snap. Milk chocolate has a quieter snap because of the milk fat . Go on and give it a try!

Taste the quality

Take a piece and let it melt on your tongue. This is the best way to let all the complex flavors and aromas unfold.