Advent Calendar Sujet 2022

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Get into the Holiday spirit with the Läderach table calendar. Our Advent calendar contains 24 alcohol-free pralinés. There's something for every chocolate fan: milk chocolate with gianduja, white chocolate with orange marzipan, and dark Grand Cru chocolate with gold decoration. (9.3 oz)
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Ingredients Information

Assorted Pralines

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Paste, Whole Milk Powder, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Vegetable Oils (Palm Kernel, Palm, Sunflower, Coconut, Rapeseed), Butter (Milk), Glucose, Walnuts, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cream (Milk), Sorbitol, Dried Coconut Flakes, Honey, Invert Sugar Syrup, Caramel, Soy Lecithin, Wheat Flour, Lactose, Dextrose, Natural Flavor, Vegetable Fats (Sunflower, Illipe, Shea, Rapeseed, Palm Kernel, Palm, Coconut), Cocoa Beans Kernels, Clarified Butter (Milk), Natural Flavors, Low-Fat Cocoa Powder, Gum Arabic, Salt (Fleur de Sel), Sunflower Lecithin, Salt, Milk Protein, Cocoa Powder, Glucose Syrup, Sodium Carbonates, Tocopherol-Rich Extract, Barley Malt, Coloring (Turmeric Oleoresin, Carmine, Annatto Extract), Ground Vanilla, Maltodextrin.

May contain Egg, Other Gluten (Incl. Wheat), Other Nuts.

Contains: Gluten (Incl. Wheat), Milk, Nuts, Soy.

Nutritional Information

Food value per 100g , fat 39.3g , carbohydrates 46.2g , protein 6.4g , salt 0.1g , of which sugar 41.7g , of which saturated fat 21g , energy in kJ 2361kJ , energy in kcal 564kcal

Country of production

Produced in Switzerland

More Information
Flavour & Ingredients Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate, White chocolate, Nuts, Grand Cru
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