Seasonal highlights and chocolate gifts

Celebrate the season with melt-in-your-mouth, Swiss-made Läderach chocolate. A carefully curated mix of heart-warming seasonal flavors and limited editions awaits discovery. Our master chocolatiers pulled all the stops to deliver magic moments filled with gingerbread spices, warming plum, crunchy caramelized nuts and chocolate ranging from velvety black to creamy vegan cashew and silky milk chocolate. Have a delicious holiday!

Festive Christmas chocolates from Switzerland

Christmas is the season of chocolate. This calls for a celebration! The season is for love and sharing the best moments with your friends and family. Share the love by gifting a loved one a delicious gift filled with Christmas chocolates.

In our assortment we offer a wide range of different chocolate bars, snacks, truffles, and pralines made from milk, dark, and white chocolate. Do you like your chocolates filled with nougat or perhaps with alcohol? Or do you prefer the taste and feeling of crunchy nuts? We have something for everyone.

Made with only fresh ingredients from the Swiss Alps and quality cocoa beans from the rainforests, our Christmas chocolates are the sweetest treat for your holiday. Explore our seasonal selection of chocolatey treats - made with only fresh ingredients from Switzerland.

Enjoy the best Christmas chocolates

Some things are meant to be together. Christmas and chocolate are definitely meant for each other. This is why you can always be sure to find an assortment of Christmas chocolates in our shop. Our philosophy is that sweet moments should be found in your everyday life - and especially at Christmas time.

Our assortment of chocolates come in a variety of different kinds of chocolates and some with delicious fillings: from the creamy, white chocolate to the strong, dark, alcohol filled chocolates. Find your favourites or enjoy them all.

For the heart-warming and festive holiday, Christmas chocolate is an essential, sweet addition - guaranteed to bring you the warm spirit of Christmas. You can always find the finest Swiss chocolates in our shop.

Seasonal chocolates for your loved ones - and for you

It is always the perfect season for chocolate. However, there is something extra special about those delicious treats at Christmas. Perhaps it is the cold weather that calls for some sweets for those chilly Winter evenings? Or perhaps it is the tradition of sharing a selection of Christmas chocolates with your loved ones? Regardless of the reason, you can taste that special feeling in our products.

The best moments in life are to be enjoyed and Christmas chocolates are the perfect sweet treat for those precious moments. Gift your loved ones with some of the best Swiss chocolates and bring them some of that special joy of Christmas. Or perhaps you wish to treat yourself with some delicious chocolates? Whatever the occasion, chocolate is always the perfect choice.

Fresh ingredients and Swiss craftsmanship

Christmas would not be the same without delicious chocolates. Christmas chocolates are an essential ingredient for the festive season. And when Christmas is over, we have something for any day of the year.

Sweet moments and enjoyments in your everyday life. These are the reasons for our existence. Everything we believe, we have added to our products. This is why we can offer you the taste of fresh, Swiss, quality chocolates made with authentic Swiss craftsmanship.