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Thank You So Much For…

We have a chocolate for that! With a range of aromas, sizes and types, you are bound to find the perfect gift to express your appreciation and say thanks.

A delicious way to express your gratitude

Perfect for sharing the joy

Special surprises for people with great taste
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Chocolate Napolitains Box large

CHF 41.90

Chocolate Napolitains Box small

CHF 20.50

Chocolate Napolitains Case

CHF 9.90

FrischSchoggi boat big

CHF 55.25

Compliment­ary sample with every order

FrischSchoggi boat small

CHF 28.05

FrischSchoggi pouch big

CHF 42.50

FrischSchoggi pouch small

CHF 21.25

Small Vegan FrischSchoggi Pouch

CHF 21.25

Tartufi assorted 4 pcs per box

CHF 7.50

Tartufi assorted 9 pcs per box

CHF 14.50

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