Praline & Truffles Praline & Truffles

Pralinés and truffles — sweet masterpieces

Thanks to quality ingredients and master craftsmanship, each of our pralinés is a small masterpiece. Careful processing preserves the intense flavor of each of the selected ingredients. Try them all and discover your new favorites.

An exceptional variety

An exceptional variety

Unique recipes

Unique recipes
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Pralinés assorted Special Edition 16pcs box

CHF 29.50

Praline Christmas 144 pce Woodbox

CHF 260.00

Christmas Pralines assorted 72pcs per box

CHF 112.00

Pralines Christmas assorted 72 pieces per woodbox

CHF 145.00

Premium quality ingredients

Pralines assorted 32 pieces Christmas Woodbox

CHF 67.00

Pralines Classic assorted 18 pcs per box

CHF 29.50

Christmas Pralines 54 pce box

CHF 85.00

Truffles Classic assorted 36 pcs per box

CHF 58.00

Pralines Classic Assorted Dark 12 pcs per box

CHF 25.90

Pralines & Truffles with alcohol 36 pcs per box

CHF 58.00

Pralinés assorted Stars 5pcs box

CHF 14.50

Pralinés assorted stars dark chocolat 5 pcs box

CHF 14.50

Handcrafted with love

Pralinés Stars 4pcs box

CHF 11.50

Pralines Star mixed

CHF 26.90

Pralines classic assorted 36 pcs per woodbox

CHF 75.00

Pralines Classic assorted 36 pcs per box

CHF 58.00

Only the best ingredients

From bean to bar

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Pralines Classic assorted 24 pcs per box

CHF 38.50

Pralines Classic Assorted 8 pcs per box

CHF 14.50