Läderach presents gourmet popcorn for connoisseurs
The crunchy gourmet snack for in between meals

The Swiss chocolatier Läderach launches a unique trio of delights: crunchy popcorn with the finest chocolate in three tempting flavours. The popcorn convinces in its usual quality with high-quality raw materials, masterly craftsmanship and noticeable freshness. In this fine snack, crispy light caramelised popcorn meets chocolate in the flavours milk, caramel and strawberry. The light delicacies from Läderach will be available worldwide from 15 September 2020 in Läderach chocolate shops and in the online shop.

The chocolatiers of Läderach are equally renowned for the quality and variety of their chocolate specialities. As one of only a few manufacturers, the family business produces the Swiss chocolate itself from the cocoa bean to the end product, thus guaranteeing exceptional quality and freshness. The love of detail can now be felt and enjoyed once again by chocolate and popcorn lovers alike with the new Läderach Popcorn.

Innovative craftsmanship

Carefully selected Swiss raw materials are just as much a part of the concept as the high-quality, handcrafted processing and colourful variety of flavours: the corn for the popcorn comes from a regional Swiss corn farmer. This is “popped” into fluffy popcorn in the Läderach production facility in Ennenda and then carefully caramelised by hand with real Swiss sugar. The popcorn is then thinly sprinkled layer by layer with milk chocolate, strawberry-flavoured chocolate or caramel chocolate in the coating kettle. The additional step of caramelising the popcorn and the exceptionally fine layer of chocolate ensure that the noble snack remains crunchy and fresh. For the flavour development of the strawberry and caramel varieties, fine strawberry pieces or sweet caramel are added to the high-quality chocolate to achieve a fruity or velvety-sweet note respectively.

The Trio

This exclusive new product from Läderach will delight popcorn and chocolate lovers alike and turn every aperitif with friends or cosy movie night into a unique pleasure experience. The noble snack is also ideal as an original gift idea or a treat for the soul in between meals. There is something for every gourmet in terms of taste, whether you are a milk chocolate fan, a caramel fan or a fruit lover:

Milk chocolate

Popcorn with exquisite milk chocolate.


Popcorn with velvety-sweet caramel.


Popcorn with a fruity strawberry note.

The crunchy, light trio will be available in all Läderach chocolateries and in the online shop at www.laderach.com from 15 September 2020. The website will also feature lots of exciting information and a competition about the new popcorn from 15 September. High-resolution images can be downloaded here.

«Läderach – the chocolate family»

Läderach – chocolatier suisse has stood for top-quality handcrafted Swiss chocolate specialties since 1962. The family company has more than 1000 employees and is headquartered in the canton of Glarus in Switzerland. Since September 2012, Läderach has been producing its own chocolate mass. This means that they are one of the few premium producers that can guarantee sustainable quality from the cocoa bean to the end product. The company produces exclusively in Switzerland. Their artisanal chocolate products first of all the original FrischSchoggi (fresh chocolate) are currently sold in over 100 Läderach chocolateries in Switzerland, Germany, the UK, the USA and Canada, as through sales partners in the Middle East and Asia.