Our Values

For us, every person is unique and valuable - the Läderach Charter

For us, every person is unique and valuable, regardless of skin colour, gender, origin, age, religious conviction, sexual orientation, lifestyle, their abilities and possible limitations. This is also reflected in our approximately 1,300 employees with more than 50 nationalities and a wide variety of religious affiliations and lifestyles. What unites us is tolerance, respect and freedom of expression - these values are always at the heart of everything we do - and, of course, our love of fresh Swiss chocolate made from the finest ingredients.

Tolerance and freedom of opinion

For us, all people have the same rights - regardless of their background, beliefs and way of life. Every day, we come into contact with a wide variety of people who all have their own views, opinions and philosophies of life. To all of these people we bring the same appreciation and the same openness, regardless of whether their views and opinions match our own or not.


Different opinions and views deserve respect. They give rise to new perspectives that enable us to grow both as a company and as people, as we can only learn from the experiences of others in Switzerland or in the many other countries of the world where we are present today.


A lively, innovative company like Läderach thrives on the diversity of the people who give their best here every day. It is diversity that characterises us and makes us unmistakable. Our management team is becoming more female every year, and we are committed to equal opportunities in the workplace for all employees.


We are transparent about how we source, produce and market our products of the highest and freshest quality. Whether internally or externally, we communicate openly about our actions, ideas and goals and, although we're not perfect, we work hard to improve every day.

Independent Ombudsman Office

Tolerance, respect and freedom of expression guide our actions. Nevertheless, if violations of these values occur that cannot be resolved immediately, we offer the opportunity to report any incidents confidentially and anonymously to the Swiss Consumer Forum. The Swiss Consumer Forum’s role is to clarify any situation needed and make recommendations to the affected internal departments on how to solve the problem.