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The most exceptional chocolate is fresh chocolate. But how do we achieve this freshness and quality? We are guided by four basic principles which, when blended together, create the fresh chocolate we all love.

Freshness means fresh chocolate containing only the finest ingredients

We believe fresh chocolate should be made from the highest-quality natural and carefully-selected ingredients. That’s why we continuously monitor their quality and process them exclusively in Switzerland, combining artisanal skills that have been proven over generations with the latest technological processes – and consciously avoid the use of preservatives.

The people behind the ingredients

We cultivate long-term relationships with our partners and visit them – from the hazelnut groves of Piedmont to the lush green meadows of Switzerland. Discover what makes freshness.

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Freshness means creating new chocolate every day

We take responsibility for our entire value chain – from bean to bar to you. It starts with the cocoa beans, continues with the freshly made couvertures we produce every day, and ends with the hand-refined creations you’ll find in our chocolateries. So fresh that their aroma fills the entire room.

Our chocolate’s journey

From its origins on cocoa farms in Africa and South America right through to the couvertures we make every day in Switzerland that form the basis of our creations.

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Freshness means chocolate that’s delivered quickly and shared with joy

That’s why we produce chocolate exclusively for our own chocolateries, enabling us to respond swiftly to our customers’ wishes and launch new products quickly. Whichever of our 180 stores around the world we’re supplying, our creations always arrive in tip-top condition from Switzerland thanks to state-of-the-art cold-chain technology – week in, week out.

From Glarus to the world

Läderach has many faces – from production and logistics to sales and corporate functions, and you’ll find us in an ever-growing number of places worldwide. Join us on our journey.

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Freshness means being a World Master who keeps on reinventing chocolate

Elias Läderach is the first and, to date, only World Chocolate Master to hail from Switzerland. You can taste his understanding of quality and the innovative thinking that brought him this title in the craft of our chocolatiers, too – one fresh moment of indulgence after another for chocoholics.

Current projects

Elias Läderach was crowned World Chocolate Master in 2018. Follow his path to this accolade, and be inspired by his delicate chocolate sculptures and current creations.

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From origin to indulgence 

We have been sharing our passion for fresh chocolate for generations. Discover more about our history, our innovations, and the authentic artisanal skills of our chocolatiers.



Creating chocolate of the highest quality is our top priority. That’s why we oversee the entire procurement process ourselves – be it in the subtropical Cocoa Belt or the Swiss Alpine region. Master.” Experience his award-winning creations and find out more about his latest projects.

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Our chocolate

Before finishing our creations by hand, we make our couvertures – liquid chocolate we produce ourselves in Glarus. Fresh. Every day.

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About us

About us

The Swiss Alps are our home, and we invite the world to indulge in our culinary heritage. Find out where we come from and why innovation is so important to us. And get to know the people behind Läderach.

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World Chocolate Master

World Chocolate Master

Elias Läderach is the only Swiss chocolatier to have earned the title “World Chocolate Master.” Experience his award-winning creations and find out more about his latest projects.

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