Easter Easter

Share the joy with artisanal Easter chocolate

Are you planning an egg hunt for that Easter Sunday brunch? Let Läderach offer a helping hand in completing the selection of treats for your Easter baskets. Our artisanal creations are true chocolate masterpieces made of the finest quality ingredients. Our chocolatiers have a keen eye for detail.

Award-winning and made in Switzerland

Perfect to complete your Easter celebrations

Beautiful expression of affection

Made from carefully sourced ingredients

Fabulously decadent

Lovingly crafted by hand
Chocolate type & ingredients
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Pralines Classic assorted 24 pcs per box

EUR 36.90

FrischSchoggi boat big

EUR 55.25

Truffle Selection 8 pcs per box

EUR 14.50

Truffle Selection with Alcohol 18 pcs per box

EUR 29.50

Get it in time for Easter


Standard: March 22nd 12 pm
DE only: March 26th 12 pm
Expedited: March 26th 12 pm

Truffle Selection 18 pcs per box

EUR 29.50

Truffle Selection 24 pcs per box

EUR 36.90

Truffle Selection 36 pcs per box

EUR 55.00

Pralines classic assorted 36 pcs per woodbox

EUR 72.00

Dark Truffle Selection 12pcs per box

EUR 24.90

Marc de Champagne Truffles 16 pcs per box

EUR 25.90

Carrés Single Origin 5x6 pcs per box

EUR 22.90

Carrés Single Origin 3x6 pcs per box

EUR 15.50

Perfect to complete your Easter celebrations

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FrischSchoggi pouch small

EUR 21.25

Tartufi assorted 35 pcs per box

EUR 39.90

FrischSchoggi pouch big

EUR 42.50

Small Vegan FrischSchoggi Pouch

EUR 21.25