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Browse the full assortment of Läderach chocolate. Our creative master chocolatiers work with the freshest ingredients to create memorable moments of joy. These delightful Swiss-made treats ensure a unique sensory experience of the most authentic chocolate flavors and textures.

Genuine chocolate taste

Freshly made in Switzerland


Handcrafted with love

Freshly made

Premium quality ingredients
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FrischSchoggi Sticks dark Christmasbox max

EUR 38.50

Pralinés assorted Special Edition 16pcs box

EUR 29.50

FrischSchoggi boat big

EUR 55.25

Pralines assorted 32 pieces Christmas Woodbox

EUR 65.00

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Pralines Classic assorted 36 pcs per box

EUR 55.00

Praline Christmas 144 pce Woodbox

EUR 240.00

FrischSchoggi Sticks Christmasbox mini

EUR 14.90

Pralines Star mixed

EUR 24.50

Pralines Fir Tree Cone & Stars

EUR 12.50

Pralines Cinnamon-Plum Star

EUR 12.50

Pralines Orange -Honey Star

EUR 12.50

FrischSchoggi Sticks Christmasbox dark mini

EUR 14.90

Premium quality ingredients

Pralinés assorted Stars 10pcs box

EUR 22.50

Pralinés assorted Stars 5pcs box

EUR 14.50

Pralinés assorted stars dark chocolat 5 pcs box

EUR 14.50

Christmasfigures Milkchocolat 4pcs box

EUR 16.90

Handcrafted with love

Fir tree 4pcs per box

EUR 16.90

Reindeer Finn Milk Chocolate

EUR 16.90