In the summer months there may be delays in delivery, Läderach reserves the right to hold back the goods for a few days.

  • Läderach Successfully Passes on Leadership to the Next Generation
    After the operational management of the company was passed on four years ago to the third generation, followed by the transfer of company shares two years later, the Swiss family company Läderach – Chocolatier Suisse completed its long-term generational transition in 2021. Ennenda, 22 December 2021 – During the annual general meeting on 16 December 2021, Jürg Läderach, who has managed the company as Chairman of the Board of Directors and, until 2018, as CEO, and his wife, Esther Läderach, who has served on the Board of Directors since 2001, did not stand for re-election. Both belong to the second generation, which successfully managed and further developed the globally active family company headquartered in the canton of Glarus in Switzerland. The owners elected Johannes Läderach as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. Johannes Läderach belongs to the third generation and has sat on the Board of Directors of the company, which is 100% family-owned, since 2018. He will assume his new role on the board in addition to serving as CEO.
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  • Italy meets Switzerland: enjoy sweet moments with Läderach Tartufi
    Elegance, energy and lust for life. The new Tartufi from Läderach will make autumn sweeter – la dolce vita in chocolate form. These elegant mouthfuls are inspired by a Northern Italian classic, inviting you to consciously enjoy the moment whenever you have the chance. Each of the nine varieties stands for a special moment that connoisseurs will be transported to, such as freshness, elegance, strength or energy. Each Tartufo embodies the expected premium quality, with carefully selected raw materials, expert craftsmanship and absolute Läderach freshness. The Tartufi will be available worldwide from 21 September in Läderach chocolateries and the online shop.   “We all know chocolate connects people – what could be better than enjoying a moment together? We are pleased that this autumn we will be able to show how Northern Italian confectionery tradition combines with authentic Swiss chocolate craftsmanship,” says Elias Läderach, World Chocolate Master and Head of Innovation at Läderach (Schweiz) AG.
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  • Pure, honest and modern: Läderach reinterprets the chocolate bar
    It has a narrow shape with grooves, is wrapped by hand with fine paper and tastes as pure and intense of chocolate as a chocolate can taste: The Swiss family business Läderach presents its first chocolate in tablet form. For pure and honest chocolate enjoyment without chichi. The exclusive delicacies in a handy format will be available in three light varieties and three Grand Cru varieties from 11 May 2021 in Läderach chocolateries and in the online shop worldwide.   Läderach is known for high-quality and varied chocolate specialities. As one of only a few manufacturers, the family business produces the chocolate itself from the cocoa bean to the end product in Switzerland, guaranteeing exceptional freshness and quality. Chocolate lovers can now experience the attention to detail and the special freshness once again with the new, exclusive tablets. The aesthetic packaging in a sliding cardboard box and the fine paper in which the bars are wrapped by hand give a foretaste of the special chocolate that is hidden inside. The aroma is intensely chocolaty, the crunch at the first bite is a reminder of the palpable freshness. And then the
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