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Perfect gifts for any occasion

Show appreciation to those close to your heart with the gift of delicious, fresh Swiss chocolate. It is, after all, a gift of pure joy.

Gifts for every occasion

Gifts for every occasion
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Share the joy

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Special surprise
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FrischSchoggi pouch big

CAD 77.00

FrischSchoggi Sticks mother's day max

CAD 62.00

Pralines assorted 15pcs heart box

CAD 37.00

Chocolate Napolitains Case

CAD 21.00

Compliment­ary sample

with every order

FrischSchoggi Sticks dark mother's day max

CAD 62.00

FrischSchoggi boat small

CAD 52.00

FrischSchoggi Sticks mother's day box mini

CAD 21.00

Truffle Selection 24 pcs per box

CAD 59.00

Gianduja Praline Selection 8 pcs per box

CAD 23.00

Praline Selection 72 pcs per woodbox

CAD 199.00

FrischSchoggi Sticks mother's day box dark mini

CAD 21.00

Pralines classic assorted 72 pcs Box

CAD 155.00

Love can have many expressions

Praline Selection 48 pcs per woodbox

CAD 135.00

Pralines assorted 3pcs heart box

CAD 13.00

Praline Selection 36 pcs per woodbox

CAD 105.00

FrischSchoggi boat big

CAD 95.00

Irresistible thank-yous

Truffle Selection 8 pcs per box

CAD 22.00

Chocolate Heart Gianduja Milk red 32g

CAD 4.50