Entry into another European market - Läderach opens in France
  • - Swiss premium chocolatier Läderach enters another new market 

  • - Family business in its 3rd generation opens at 132 Rue de Rivoli in Paris

  • - Inauguration on December 7 with Swiss Ambassador Roberto Balzaretti and other invited guests  


Bilten, December 7, 2023 - Founded in 1962 in Glarus, Switzerland, premium chocolate retailer Läderach is opening its first store in France at 132 Rue de Rivoli in Paris. The store opened its doors on November 20 and has since been offering a select range of FrischSchoggi, pralinés & truffles, tartufi, popcorn, mini mousses and a vegan product line. The official opening ceremony took place on December 7 in the presence of the Swiss Ambassador to France, Roberto Balzaretti, as well as Johannes and Elias Läderach, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of the company.


"The opening of a new store is always a special occasion for us - especially when it's a new market entry," says CEO Johannes Läderach and continues: "I have the fondest memories of growing up above my grandfather's chocolate factory and him teaching my siblings and me all about chocolate. The fact that I can now share this passion with the whole world is a development I would never have dreamed of." "I am delighted to be involved in the expansion and establishment of the renowned Läderach brand in France and to share the joy of freshly made chocolate with customers here in France," says Elias Läderach, Chief Creative Officer.


Freshness, Swissness and World Chocolate Master


"From Bean To Bar To You" - Läderach monitors the entire supply chain. The company produces its own couverture, uses only the best ingredients, and processes them with great craftsmanship to create its popular products - exclusively in Switzerland. Freshness and quality are the company's trademarks. No one stands for this more than our "World Chocolate Master" Elias Läderach. He won the title in Paris in 2018, making him the first Swiss to receive this prestigious title.


Preparing for further growth


In order to establish Läderach as the leading premium chocolate retailer worldwide, Läderach is tapping into new markets. In addition to its market entry in France, with another location already signed on Avenue de l'Opera , further stores will soon be opened, amongst others in Malaysia, the US, China, Germany and Switzerland. On the other hand, Läderach is in the middle of a rebranding process that will gradually become visible over the next few months. The key elements are the new brand name and the new logo. To reflect the internationalization that the company has undergone in recent years, the brand name will be changed from "Läderach chocolatier suisse" to "Läderach Switzerland". And the ground-breaking ceremony has just taken place for a third production facility in the canton of Glarus, where all «FrischSchoggi» products will be produced in future, and which is due to open in 2025.


Läderach - chocolatier suisse


Freshness, craftsmanship, Switzerland - this is what the Swiss chocolate manufacturer Läderach - chocolatier suisse stands for. Founded in 1962, the family business employs over 1,800 people from more than 50 countries across the Group and is headquartered in the canton of Glarus in Switzerland. Läderach oversees the entire production process from the cocoa bean to the store counter and produces exclusively in Switzerland. The company is one of the few premium suppliers to guarantee sustainable quality from the cocoa bean to the end product. The handcrafted premium products are sold in over 160 of its own chocolateries with sales outlets in 18 countries as well as through franchise partners in the Middle East and Asia. Chocolate lovers can also conveniently order the specialties from Switzerland in the online store (www.laderach.com).


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