Geschenke zum Teilen Geschenke zum Teilen

Spread the joy

Better together: Indulge in your love for all things chocolate and double the fun by sharing your favourite treat with someone deserving to know about us.

A gift of joy

Fabulously rich flavours and aromas

Boosts the mood and lifts the spirit
Chocolate type & ingredients
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Praline Selection 18 pcs per box

GBP 29.90

Chocolate Pearls Almond

GBP 11.90

FrischSchoggi boat big

GBP 64.35

Tartufi assorted 35 pcs per box

GBP 42.50

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Gianduja Praline Selection 8 pcs per box

GBP 15.90

Dark Truffle Selection 12pcs per box

GBP 26.50

Praline and Truffle Selection with Alcohol 36 pcs per box

GBP 59.00

Truffle Selection 8 pcs per box

GBP 14.90

Pralines Classic assorted 36 pcs per box

GBP 59.00

Praline Selection 8 pcs per box

GBP 14.90

Chocolate Pearls Hazelnut

GBP 11.90

Chocolate Pearls Coffee

GBP 11.90

The Läderach gift card

the perfect way to show you care.

Pralines assorted 11pcs heart box

GBP 23.50

Snacking Walnut Milk

GBP 11.90

Tartufi assorted 4 pcs per box

GBP 7.90

Tartufi assorted 9 pcs per box

GBP 15.50

Irresistible thank-yous

Pralines Classic Assorted Dark 12 pcs per box

GBP 26.50

Pralines classic assorted 144 pcs per woodbox

GBP 270.00