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We have a chocolate for that! With a range of aromas, sizes and types, you are bound to find the perfect gift to express your appreciation and say thanks.

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FrischSchoggi boat small

GBP 31.35

FrischSchoggi pouch big

GBP 47.50

FrischSchoggi pouch small

GBP 23.75

Greeting card "FrischSchoggi mountain"

GBP 2.00

Only the best ingredients

From bean to bar

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Greeting card "Get well soon"

GBP 2.00

Greeting card "Happy Birthday"

GBP 2.00

Greeting card "I love you"

GBP 2.00

Greeting card "Thank you"

GBP 2.00

Pralines assorted 11pcs heart box

GBP 23.50

Small Vegan FrischSchoggi Pouch

GBP 23.75

Tartufi assorted 9 pcs per box

GBP 15.50

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