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Browse the full assortment of Läderach chocolate. Our creative master chocolatiers work with the freshest ingredients to create memorable moments of joy. These delightful Swiss-made treats ensure a unique sensory experience of the most authentic chocolate flavors and textures.

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Snacking Orange Sticks

EUR 11.50

Snacking Orange Slizes

EUR 11.50

Snacking Ginger Sticks

EUR 11.50

Snacking Drops Marc de Champagne

EUR 11.50

Snacking Crispy Almond Flan Milk

EUR 11.50

Chocolate Napolitains Box small

EUR 21.90

Chocolate Napolitains Box large

EUR 41.90

Chocolate Heart Gianduja Milk gold 32g

EUR 2.90

Chocolate Heart Gianduja Milk red 32g

EUR 2.90

Chocolate Teddybear milk

EUR 12.90

Greeting card Happy Birthday

EUR 1.90

Greeting card FrischSchoggi mountain

EUR 1.90

Chocolate Napolitains Case

EUR 12.50

Greeting card Thank you

EUR 1.90

Greeting card Get well soon

EUR 1.90

Greeting card I love you

EUR 1.90