House of Läderach: Experience Swiss Chocolate Enjoyment Live

Great news for all chocoholics: now you can experience fresh, artisanal chocolate with all five senses as part of a tour of the new House of Läderach in Bilten, at the foot of the Glarus Alps. Starting on 13 November 2020, chocolate lovers can get a unique glimpse behind the scenes at the Swiss family-owned company and experience just what makes Läderach chocolate so fresh.

A behind-the-scenes look at the art of Swiss chocolate making at the new House of Läderach is truly a treat for the senses and is sure to delight young and old alike. In addition to an interactive tour, the House of Läderach is also home to a walk-in workshop, a large shop, a cosy café and many more surprises. “Here at Läderach, we love innovation. We are therefore truly overjoyed that we have created a place where our guests can experience our passion for chocolate for themselves, while at the same time going on a journey of discovery to determine the secret of our unique freshness,” says Johannes Läderach, CEO of Läderach.

Uncover the secret to freshness

The House of Läderach tour begins with an interactive portion that leads visitors through different themed areas. Here, they can learn fascinating facts about the company’s history and get a first look at how to enjoy and taste chocolate with all five senses. An expert guide will then lead the second half of the tour. During this 30-minute segment, guests will learn how cocoa beans are turned into delicious chocolate and how Läderach guarantees freshness and quality every step of the way. In one delicious moment on the tour, guests will pass by a chocolate fountain where they can try as much as they like. At the end of the tour, the secret behind Läderach’s unique freshness will be revealed.

Discover Läderach’s exquisite range of chocolates

In addition to the tour, the House of Läderach is also home to a factory store with a special surprise: the world’s longest FrischSchoggi counter with more than 20 delicious varieties. Visitors are encouraged to try free samples and find their favourites. The large chocolate bars are produced daily in Switzerland and sent out in just a few days to Läderach chocolateries around the world, where they are individually broken into pieces at the counter for each customer. Furthermore, chocolate lovers can discover Läderach’s extremely versatile product range right here in the shop – from pralines and truffles to airy Mini Mousses and other sweet treats – and bring them home at an attractive price. One particular highlight is the walk-in workshop inside of the factory store, where guests can design their own chocolate bars, including their own custom decoration.

Observe the chocolatiers at work

The live production area offers fascinating insights into the work of a chocolatier. By looking over the shoulders of our professional chocolate makers, visitors can experience how Läderach creations are made from start to finish. The chocolatiers can even make a customised FrischSchoggi bar for the chocolate lovers in the audience – the perfect souvenir. Guests can select any shape, ingredients and chocolate variety.

Become an expert in the Läderach workshop

At the Läderach workshop, individuals or groups can sign up to try their hand at the art of chocolate making and design chocolate creations such as pralines or FrischSchoggi based on their own personal preferences. The workshop is the perfect location for special occasions such as team events, company parties or birthdays.

Enjoy a chocolate break in the café

The House of Läderach concept is rounded out by a stylish café. The café invites visitors to linger over an in-house patisserie creation, an unusual cacao drink in typical Läderach style and many more exquisite indulgences. The perfect place to enjoy a break with tasty treats or to round out the day as deliciously as it began.