World Chocolate Master

A mix of curiosity and ambition led Elias to Paris. Precision and speed led him to the title. Finally, his diligence and a spirit of innovation lead him continuously to new creations and moments of joy under the Läderach brand.

The path to the title

Allow us to introduce Elias Läderach, the World Chocolate Master from Switzerland.

Monday, 09/18/2017

Qualifying phase

The first stage of the trip to Paris was via Zurich, which is where the Swiss Championships took place in the fall of 2017. This preselection involved a number of strong competitors, which Elias was thrilled to be part of.

March–July 2018

Training sessions

Practice. Practice. Practice. And then start all over again. Elias Läderach spent every day of the summer weeks in 2018 at the factory in Glarnerland - these were long days spent to perfect his art.

Tuesday, 10/29/2018

Behind the scenes

Arrival in Paris, with only a few days left before the competition. The team is on its way to the Salon du Chocolat – the venue for the World Chocolate Masters 2018.

Wednesday, 10/31/2018

The championship begins

The first round – straight into the freestyle activity. The task was to create a futuristic showpiece made entirely of chocolate, which demanded complete and utter concentration.

Thursday, 11/01/2018

The day of the preliminary decision

The second round – it was important to move up a gear after a successful first day. There were three items to create now: a bar of chocolate, a snack to go, and candy.

Friday, 11/02/2018

The triumph

Elias Läderach succeeded where no one had succeeded before: he won four of the six disciplines and, to top it all, received the coveted press award.

“There are times when nothing else matters. And only the one idea exists.”

Elias Läderach


World Chocolate Masters

Every three years, the greatest talents, the most innovative chocolatiers, and the best head confectioners meet in Paris. Their mission is to create visionary chocolate masterpieces and to crown the next World Champion. The jury’s focus is entirely on the originality of the ideas and the precision and craftsmanship that bring them to life. Only national champions are allowed to take part – and only the best can win.

To the competition

Is this still chocolate or is it already art?

Fresh chocolate is a delight. It can also be used to make ideas tangible and elicit amazement on the part of the beholder. Nothing emphasizes this more explicitly than the large-format sculptures developed and artistically put into practice by the skilled hands of Elias Läderach and his team.


“Chocolate Violin”

2024, Showpiece San Diego Culinary Concerto, dark, blond, white and milk chocolate, cast, stenciled, carved and shaped


“Statue of Liberty”

2023, showpiece in New York City, 5th Avenue, dark chocolate, cast, sculptured and shaped, gold-plated with an airbrush, more than 2 meters tall


“The Futropolitan”

2018, large showpiece WCM, dark and white chocolate, cast, stenciled, carved and shaped, colored with an airbrush


“City of Tomorrow”

2018, small showpiece WCM, dark and white chocolate, cast, stenciled, carved and shaped, colored with an airbrush


“High Heels”

2011, showpiece FBK, dark and white chocolate, cast, stenciled, carved and shaped, colored with an airbrush

Elias' story

Would you like to know how Elias Läderach spends his day? Simply follow him into his workshop, up into the Swiss mountains, and around the world – he's always searching for new ideas.

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