L’art du Chocolat 

The most important ingredients in our chocolates and pralines are a good dose of passion, great attention to detail and fresh couvertures. We make the latter ourselves on a daily basis, since this is the only way to guarantee the highest quality and freshness.


Take a look behind the scenes at our chocolate factory, and follow the path of our cocoa from incoming inspection to liquid chocolate – the “couverture”.


Checking is good. Checking again is better 

As soon as the cacao beans arrive in Glarus, we check them again. Did they survive the journey? Do they smell nice? Is the moisture content acceptable? What is the fat composition? These are just some of the criteria our laboratory checks on a random sample basis. Only if all the values meet our criteria do we use the beans.


Just cocoa. Nothing else

Before we roast the beans, they are thoroughly cleaned. We remove grains of sand, jute fibers, and small pieces of metal using fine-mesh sieves, compressed air, and magnets. After that, the beans are washed.

Breaking and roasting

Off to new realms of flavor

We heat the beans in an infrared drum while they are still wet, which causes the shells to break open and dissolve. All that remains are the cocoa nibs – the basic ingredient of our cocoa mass. The roasting process begins immediately afterwards. This is an art in itself. The temperature and roasting time need to be adapted to each type of bean. They determine the aromas and flavors the nibs develop – from balanced to slightly bitter and intense.

Milling and mixing

Our unique recipe

In a beater blade mill, the roasted nibs are crushed and heated until the cocoa mass is formed. For our milk chocolate, we now add real Swiss granulated sugar, powdered milk from Swiss cows, vanilla extract from Madagascar, and natural soy lecithin as a binder. Everything is calculated precisely, down to each gram. Then it’s time to mix. Incidentally, dark chocolate doesn’t contain any powdered milk, and no cocoa mass is used in white chocolate – just cocoa butter.

Refining and conching

Melt in the mouth

After mixing, the refinement process begins. The mixture is rolled a total of five times until the chocolate mixture reach the degree of fineness we require. The powder is then stirred in the conche for six to 24 hours, where the smooth texture and exquisite taste develop. Unwanted residual acids evaporate, and the warm cocoa butter turns the chocolate liquid. The result? Fresh couverture.


Liquid chocolate

Just a few hours later, the fresh couvertures are already on their way to our chocolate manufactory. Once the couvertures arrive, our chocolatiers refine them, delicately by hand in some cases, into the chocolate creations you see in our chocolateries – which you’re welcome to come and try, of course.

Chocolate varieties 

We produce a total of nine different couvertures in our small chocolate factory – from white to Single Origins. We also started producing a vegan couverture in 2022, meaning there really is something to suit every taste.

Milk chocolate

Our chocolate, made with Swiss Alpine milk, is one of our most popular varieties. Is it because of the special blend of lightly roasted beans? Is it the scent of delicate caramel and vanilla? Or is it because of its long-lasting melt? We think it’s a bit of all three – and a bit more besides.

Milk chocolate creations


Our Single Origin Madagascar contains 64% cocoa from the Sambirano region. The highly aromatic, lightly roasted island cocoa smells heavenly and is accentuated by notes of fresh lime and a hint of vanilla. Tantalizing roasted notes, citrus fruits, red berries, and a hint of honey deliver a veritable explosion of flavors on the palate.

To the specialties


Our Single Origin Ecuador has a luxury cocoa content of 70%. The terroir: Los Rios. The variety: National. Its aroma: mild roasted notes, a strong, floral bouquet, and natural vanilla. The taste of earthy cocoa, black tea, hibiscus, and roses is unparalleled.

To the specialties


With a luxury cocoa content of 80%, the Single Origin Trinidad is our highest-proof and strongest chocolate. It combines highly aromatic roasted and tobacco notes with a fruity, floral touch of red berries. On the palate, its authentic cocoa taste is accompanied by a pleasantly natural bitterness.

To the specialties

White chocolate

Our white chocolate is one thing above all else: ultra-creamy. Hardly surprising, given that its 36% cocoa content consists exclusively of melt-in-the-mouth cocoa butter. In addition, our white chocolate has a wonderful fragrance of milk, cream, and vanilla. On the palate, it is pleasantly sweet, with a slight caramel note perfecting its delicate flavor.

White chocolate creations


Blond adds a fourth chocolate color to our rich palette of chocolate varieties. It combines everything we love about melt-in-the-mouth white chocolate, and blends this with the intense taste of fine caramel candies. For many, this is likely to bring back nostalgic childhood memories.

Blond chocolate creations


Cashew nuts, coconut blossom sugar, and lightly roasted cocoa – plus cocoa butter and soy lecithin. Using purely plant-based basic ingredients, we have created a vegan chocolate reminiscent of caramel, milk, and nuts with its exquisite cocoa and highly aromatic bouquet. A recipe that picks up on a modern trend while adding its own, fresh twist.

Vegan chocolate creations


Authentic, refined, and full of harmony, our Single Origin Brasil 70% from the Bahia region is something of a masterpiece. The scent of the unmistakable Brazilian cocoa combines with the aroma of freshly roasted nuts and dry fine wood. The finish is equally exclusive, with an incredibly delicate, long-lasting melt, the like of which is rarely found in high-proof chocolate.

To the specialties

Dark chocolate

A grand blend of distinctive quality – our dark chocolate, composed of subtly roasted cocoa varieties, is extraordinarily complex. It has an intense cocoa aroma, paired with a hint of vanilla. Its bittersweet taste is rounded off by notes of plum, berry, and banana. 

Dark chocolate creations

Chocolate creations 

Did you know that we still follow many processes the same way we always have? It’s not because we’re skeptical of innovation – quite the opposite in fact. But are there certain manual processes that can’t be replicated, even with the help of state-of-the-art technologies. That’s why we rely on our chocolatiers, with their many years of experience, keen sense and attention to detail.


Our FrischSchoggi Florentine Milk requires a lot of work by hand before we can put it on display. First, almonds, sugar, butter, and fresh cream are mixed into a creamy mass and heated. The caramelized Florentine mixture is then thinly applied to a close-meshed baking net and kept warm in the oven. Before the Florentine bar has completely cooled, we press it by hand onto the fresh milk chocolate, which is still spreadable. A lot of finesse is required here to ensure nothing breaks, but enough pressure should be applied to ensure both halves stick together firmly.

To FrischSchoggi


A lot of dedication goes into each and every one of our pralines – and sometimes a freshly roasted hazelnut from Piedmont, too. In our Piedmontese Milk, for example, a Tonda Gentile Trilobata is coated with liquid hazelnut gianduja, with an artfully applied gianduja cream swirl providing an exclusive finish. But not just for the Piedmontese Milk: many of our pralines are decorated by hand in our factory, be it with a dipping fork, a stencil, or by adding a pistachio.

To the pralines


We have been enriching the world of chocolate with innovation ever since we were founded, sometimes even with mini-revolutions. Take our thin-walled hollow truffle shells, for instance – a patented technique we still use today. Yet one principle has never changed: only by lovingly refining our truffles can we transform them into exclusive, creamy masterpieces. Each hollow shell is furnished with delicately melting truffle filling before being dipped in couverture. We then roll the truffles on a grid to give them their hallmark surface texture.

To the truffles


Our chocolatiers are particularly busy in the run-up to Easter. After all, each of our bunnies is individually hand-painted, including Lou. First, we make the eyes – the pupils with dark chocolate – and then the rest with white chocolate. After they have hardened, we pour milk chocolate into the mold and wait for it to cool. After coming out of the mold, Lou’s ear is contoured with liquid chocolate and sprinkled with powder with edible silver. Now all that’s missing is the colored bow, and Easter is well and truly wrapped here.

To the figures

Greeting hearts

If you’ve got something important to say, say it with chocolate. We start with a milk chocolate heart with freshly caramelized hazelnuts, then top it with a second, slightly smaller heart made of white chocolate. Next comes the most important bit: a steady hand. You need absolute concentration and technical finesse when it comes to lettering. After all, corrections aren’t an option here; the stroke has to be perfect the first time. Many of our chocolatiers are masters of this calligraphic art and make every greeting heart a precious, one-of-a-kind gesture.

To the greeting hearts

Enjoy with all your senses 

Luxury chocolate is like a fine wine or good cheese – it reveals its full flavor only with expert tasting. This is the only way to experience all the tastes and textures and reveal hidden nuances. Our World Chocolate Master Elias Läderach prefers to tell people how chocolate should be tasted in person. Join him on a culinary journey.


From origin to indulgence

We have been sharing our passion for fresh chocolate for generations. Discover more about our history, our innovations, and the authentic artisanal skills of our chocolatiers.



The exquisite taste of our chocolate creations is an affair of the heart for us. That’s why we make them fresh daily and get them to you as quickly as possible – so you can experience the freshness with all your senses.

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Creating chocolate of the highest quality is our top priority. That’s why we oversee the entire procurement process ourselves – be it in the subtropical Cocoa Belt or the Swiss Alpine region.

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About us

About us

The Swiss Alps are our home, and we invite the world to indulge in our culinary heritage. Find out where we come from and why innovation is so important to us. And get to know the people behind Läderach.

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World Chocolate Master

World Chocolate Master

Elias Läderach is the only Swiss chocolatier to have earned the title “World Chocolate Master.” Experience his award-winning creations and find out more about his latest projects.

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