Yes, It’s Kosher-D

Created by masters of their craft

Perfect favors for Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations

Made with love in Switzerland
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Box of 36 pralines Classic

USD 69.00

Box of 18 pralines Classic

USD 39.00

Box of 24 pralines Classic

USD 49.00

Pralines classic woodbox assorted 72 pcs

USD 179.00

Box of 4 pralines Classic

USD 12.00

Box of 8 pralines Classic

USD 19.00

Heart Box of 11 pralines

USD 31.00

FrischSchoggi pouch big

USD 60.00

FrischSchoggi pouch small

USD 31.00

Small Vegan FrischSchoggi Pouch

USD 31.00

FrischSchoggi boat big

USD 79.00

FrischSchoggi boat small

USD 41.00