Easter Easter

Share the joy with artisanal Easter chocolate

Are you planning an egg hunt for that Easter Sunday brunch? Let Läderach offer a helping hand in completing the selection of treats for your Easter baskets. Our artisanal creations are true chocolate masterpieces made of the finest quality ingredients. Our chocolatiers have a keen eye for detail. They carefully hand-applied cute finishing touches, such as fun facial expressions on the bunnies, sparkling accents, and colorful ribbons. Discover the entire selection, and don’t forget to treat yourself!

Award-winning and made in Switzerland

Perfect to complete your Easter celebrations

Beautiful expression of affection

Made from carefully sourced ingredients

Fabulously decadent

Lovingly crafted by hand
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FrischSchoggi boat big

$ 79.00

Praline Selection 24 pcs per box

$ 49.00

Pralines classic assorted 72 pcs Box

$ 139.00

Praline Selection 144 pcs per woodbox

$ 315.00

Compliment­ary sample

with every order

Praline Selection 36 pcs per woodbox

$ 95.00

Praline Selection 48 pcs per woodbox

$ 119.00

Praline Selection 72 pcs per woodbox

$ 179.00

FrischSchoggi pouch big

$ 60.00

FrischSchoggi pouch small

$ 31.00

Small Vegan FrischSchoggi Pouch

$ 31.00

Truffle Selection 8 pcs per box

$ 19.00

Truffle Selection 36 pcs per box

$ 69.00

A sweet gesture for someone special 

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Truffle Selection 24 pcs per box

$ 49.00

Truffle Selection 18 pcs per box

$ 39.00

Dark Truffle Selection 12pcs per box

$ 34.00

Tartufi assorted 35 pcs per box

$ 57.00

Perfect to complete your Easter celebrations

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Gianduja Praline Selection 8 pcs per box

$ 21.00

Praline Selection 4pcs/box

$ 12.00