Christmas Chocolate Christmas Chocolate

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With their unique creations, our chocolatiers create special moments for the most magical time of the year. A carefully curated mix of heart-warming seasonal flavours and limited editions awaits discovery.

Premium quality ingredients

Premium quality ingredients

Handcrafted in Switzerland

Handcrafted in Switzerland

Gifts for any occasion

Gifts for any occasion
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Praline Selection 18 pcs per box

$ 39.00

FrischSchoggi pouch big

$ 60.00

Praline Selection 36 pcs per box

$ 69.00

Dark Praline Selection 12pcs per box

$ 34.00

Praline Selection 48 pcs per woodbox

$ 119.00

Praline Selection 36 pcs per woodbox

$ 95.00

Praline Selection 72 pcs per woodbox

$ 179.00

Praline Selection 24 pcs per box

$ 49.00