Share the Joy With Artisanal Easter Chocolate

Are you planning an egg hunt for that Easter Sunday brunch? Let Läderach offer a helping hand in completing the selection of treats for your Easter baskets. Our artisanal creations are true chocolate masterpieces made of the finest quality ingredients. Our chocolatiers have a keen eye for detail. They carefully hand-applied cute finishing touches, such as fun facial expressions on the bunnies, sparkling accents, and colourful ribbons. Discover the entire selection, and don’t forget to treat yourself!

Award-winning and made in Switzerland

Perfect to complete your Easter celebrations

Beautiful expression of affection

Made from carefully sourced ingredients

Fabulously decadent

Lovingly crafted by hand
Greeting card
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Easter Bunny Rocher Dark 17cm

GBP 17.90

Easter Bunny Rocher Milk 17cm

GBP 17.90

Easter Bunny Rocher White 17cm

GBP 17.90

Easter Bunny Stracciatella

GBP 3.90

Easter Figures 4pcs box

GBP 17.90

FrischSchoggi Bunny Confetti Milk

GBP 19.90

FrischSchoggi Bunny Corn Flakes Milk

GBP 19.90

FrischSchoggi Bunny Grand Cru Almond

GBP 19.90

FrischSchoggi Bunny Hazelnut Milk

GBP 19.90

FrischSchoggi Sticks Easter box max

GBP 41.50

FrischSchoggi Sticks Easter box mini

GBP 11.50

Greeting card "Easter"

GBP 2.00

Little Eggs Assorted 12pcs

GBP 17.90

Pralines Duo Little Egg Nougatine pouch

GBP 13.90

Pralines Egg Assorted Fruit Pouch

GBP 13.90

Pralines Egg Grand Cru Pouch

GBP 13.90