Praline & Truffles

Pralinés and truffles — sweet masterpieces

Thanks to quality ingredients and master craftsmanship, each of our pralinés is a small masterpiece. Careful processing preserves the intense flavor of each of the selected ingredients. Try them all and discover your new favorites.

An exceptional variety

An exceptional variety

Unique recipes

Unique recipes
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Pralines Little Egg Easterbox 18pcs

GBP 15.50

Tartufi assorted 9 pcs per box

GBP 15.50

Truffles Classic assorted 18 pcs per box

GBP 29.90

Truffles Classic assorted 24 pcs per box

GBP 39.90

Truffles Classic assorted 36 pcs per box

GBP 59.00

Truffles Classic assorted 8 pcs per box

GBP 14.90

Truffles Grand Cru Assorted 12pcs per box

GBP 26.50

Truffles Marc de Champagne 16 pcs per box

GBP 29.50